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Sometimes, there’s no one better suited to promote your brand online than, well, you. After all, you’re the creator of your brand, voice, and identity.

If you’d like to take a hands-on approach to digital marketing, our corporate training can help put the sizzle into your steak. We’re rather hands-on ourselves, and we’re keen to help your team develop their copywriting, SEO, and social media skills to establish, elevate, and enhance your brand online.

SEO Copywriting Training

You might not have much experience with writing for the Web, but learning to create top-notch content isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Whether for your website pages or your blog (or both!), our team can teach yours how to master the key elements of high-quality content, including an authoritative and genuine voice, organic SEO, rock-solid writing fundamentals, and conversion techniques.

SEO Training

No matter how great your site looks, it won’t achieve peak performance if it’s not built with SEO best practices in mind. Learn how to build a better WordPress website, with the plugins and practices that’ll help ensure your site is ranking well, today and in the future.

We’ll also show you how to optimize your content—including pages, posts, photos, and more—for maximum impact and appeal with search engines and human visitors alike.

Social Media Training

If you’re simply broadcasting to your audience on social media, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to connect with your audience. We can show you how to create social media updates that speak in the voice your audience is longing to hear, on the topics that matter most.

We can also help you formulate a winning social media marketing strategy.

You’ll learn everything you need to connect with your audience, engage your influencers, and encourage conversations and shares across multiple platforms.

The WebTegrity Corporate Training Difference

It’s your training—shouldn’t it be designed to work for you? Our training team customizes your corporate training to fit your voice, your brand, and your schedule.

Your personalized training can cover one, two, or all three digital marketing topics. (Got a topic you’d like to learn more about, but don’t see it? Just ask!)

Because we come to you and work around your schedule, you never have to worry about packing up the whole office or losing days of productivity.

Corporate Digital Training

Our four-step process is designed from the start to meet your needs.

  1. Needs Assessment – We begin by meeting with you to discuss your business, the training you’d like to receive, and your goals and takeaways for the session. Because your business and brand are unique, we’ll make sure we get an in-depth and specific profile to help us plan your training.
  2. Custom Curriculum Creation – Armed with your information, we’ll craft a winning corporate training program for you. We chuck the boilerplate on the scrapheap and customize your training to fit your business, brand, keywords, and goals.
  3. Training Performance – We train your team in your space, scheduled at the time and date you specify. We know how important it is for your staff to absorb new knowledge and still get their regular day’s work done, too. We never take up a whole day from your work week—we split our training into manageable four-hour sessions to help keep the wheels of your business turning.
  4. Follow-Up Consulting – Once your digital marketing training is complete, you may want to consider additional hourly consulting. As with our training, we tailor our consulting time to fit your needs, and help you review your processes, writing, voice, optimization, etc., to get your team—and your business—where they need to be.

It’s time to transform your team
into brand-boosting dynamos of unmitigated awesome!

We’ll show your content creators the tools, skills, and know-how they need to build authority, connect with and convert your audience,
and rocket your brand to online success.

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