MITS – Liability Waiver

We understand that, at times, you may want to access your website’s content and code. We will give you full admin access to your website as long as you clearly understand the liability risks. Websites can easily be broken or have a negative rank on Google if code is incorrect or missing. While your MITS website was designed with fill-in-the-blank fields, there are other areas that are accessible with exposed PHP and HTML that could result in breaks if not treated with caution.

If you allow a third party vendor access – and any code is broken, content is lost, or website breaks due to their negligence or lack of experience – you may be financially liable to restore your website. These fees can be as costly as a full website rebuild depending upon the break. Thankfully, we do backup your website every 24 hours – however, we highly recommend training prior to anyone accessing your website’s admin panel. Please connect with us at if you’d like training.