Meet Ashley Falsario

Meet The Team – Ashley Falsario – WordPress Web Developer, Lover of PHP, and Austin Music Fan. WebTegrity’s Senior WordPress Developer, Ashley Falsario, specializes in the field of coding, web developing, PHP and MySQL. Having transitioned from the aesthetics industry, after a programming boot camp, Ashley has embraced the intricacies of coding and WordPress, becoming an […]

WebTegrity Team 2017

Meet Joy Postell

Meet The Team – Joy Postell – WebTegrity Co-founder, Accountant, Christ Follower, Crocheter, Wife, Mother and Grandmother / (Kori’s Mom) WebTegrity’s Co-founder and accountant, Joy Postell, invites us to learn a bit about her life. As a follower of Christ and family woman, Joy loves nothing more than spending time at home with her family […]

Meet Jason Merrell

Meet The Team – Jason Merrell – “Sergeant Merrell”- YouTube personality, US Army Veteran, Gamer, Family Man and Firearm Enthusiast. United States Army Veteran, WebTegrity’s Creative Director, Jason Merrell, lets us in on a few fun facts about his life. With more than 70,000 YouTube followers for his gaming and firearm persona -Sergeant Merrell- he […]

Kori Ashton Outtakes

Some folks ask for some Kori Ashton outtakes during her quick WordPress tutorial videos. Here is an insight and some of the most funny moments LOL.   Full Audio Transcript Hey y’all welcome to another WordPress Wednesday my name is Kori Ashton in San Antonio Texas and you have found a YouTube channel sold again […]