WebTegrity Team 2017

Meet Joy Postell

Meet The Team – Joy Postell – WebTegrity Co-founder, Accountant, Christ Follower, Crocheter, Wife, Mother and Grandmother / (Kori’s Mom) WebTegrity’s Co-founder and accountant, Joy Postell, invites us to learn a bit about her life. As a follower of Christ and family woman, Joy loves nothing more than spending time at home with her family […]

Meet Jason Merrell

Meet The Team – Jason Merrell – “Sergeant Merrell”- YouTube personality, US Army Veteran, Gamer, Family Man and Firearm Enthusiast. United States Army Veteran, WebTegrity’s Creative Director, Jason Merrell, lets us in on a few fun facts about his life. With more than 70,000 YouTube followers for his gaming and firearm persona -Sergeant Merrell- he […]

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