CSS – The Boogeyman Under The Bed


How I learned to stop being afraid of CSS and have made it my friend

This week, we discussed a TON of stuff. We covered CSS, what it is and how it does what it does, Frameworks, and how to make designs responsive.

I freely admit, CSS is one of those things I always wanted to know more about but was afraid to mess with. In class this week, we learned a good bit about CSS and using free tools like Firebug to work with CSS. Since this is the beginner class, we didn’t go horribly deep into the hows and whys of the magic that is behind CSS, but we did learn to manipulate it.

Previously, when I tried to play with CSS, the results were….less than optimal shall we say.

So, I started playing with CSS files thanks to the handy dandy custom CSS box on my theme. I started playing around with font colors, lo and behold, the CSS I wrote worked. It did exactly what I wanted it to.


Then I started really playing around and managed to break things. My dad always said “when it comes to engineering, if you aren’t breaking things, you aren’t learning.” My dad actually was a rocket scientist so making sure stuff won’t break when you use it for real was a very serious thing obviously.

However, and this is a big however, the WP Code Academy class gave me the confidence to not freak out, followed my steps backwards, and found the offending code.

One thing I learned in class about writing code is Google is your friend, but properly phrased Google is your lover. A couple quick searches and I found exactly what I was looking for on the internet. I compared it to my code and found out it was a lowly bracket. Isn’t it always something simple like that?

The most valuable things I’ve learned in the WP Code Academy classes I’ve taken so far are

  • have confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • if something breaks, you can fix it
  • webdev isn’t rocket science but it’s not a walk in the park either
  • knowing how to search is as important and where to search for answers
  • there is no reason to reinvent the wheel


I’m looking forward to getting more in depth with CSS and learning a little about SEO from Kori since she’s pretty much a master when it comes to doing SEO.

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