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Posted by Rene G. FastTrack Student

Hello designers and typography lovers! Today, all across the net there are TONS of free fonts available to designers. Websites like and are loaded with a variety of awesome fonts to fit any and all of your design needs.

Some you can simply click, download and it’s yours just like that. While others you can easily score in exchange for a simple tweet or share on any of the social media platforms. Either way, free is always in the budget and if the designer is cool enough to give away something awesome that they have probably spent hours upon hours creating, molding, perfecting, crafting just so your cheap self (kidding ;)…) can add another font to your collection, then you should be cool enough to help spread the word about it for them.

Now when it comes to fonts, I tend to go for more clean, simple fonts. If ever I want a distressed or crazy, tricked out style of lettering, I’ll usually opt to twist, bend, customize and/or grunge up a font on my own. That way it better fits to the design I’m using it for and also because some of those styles of fonts tend to get overused and then become too recognizable, which I don’t like.

So here I have put together a list of some of my personal faves. All of which have proven to be very reliable, well-designed, quality fonts that I’ve been able to use in a variety of ways. So check them out, download them, share them and of course, go design something awesome for the world to enjoy with them. And if you have any others you’ve found that you love, leave a link in the comments for all other typography lovers to enjoy as well.


1. Langdon


This font is awesome. Just like the graphic says, solid, serious, dependable… and awesome. Who really cares if it’s a bit hipster, it works. It was designed by leading graphic designer, illustrator and typographer Steven Bonner, and is free to use with no restrictions privately or commercially. So why argue with it? Go use it.


2. ChunkFive


I love fonts like this. It’s bold, beautiful and just says read me damnit. It’s big curves and thick, heavy slabs give this font a wonderful vintage feel and also make it fun to use and read.


3. Nexa


Simple, clean, modern. What’s not to love? Plus the fact that Nexa comes free in Light AND Bold versions (Bonus!) make it even better because then you can use it for your headline as well as your body type. Go grab them both, I have no doubt you’ll find great uses for them.


4. Cylburn


The designer, Dai Foldes, describes this beautiful cursive font of his as: “a semi-connected script, structurally based on Roundhand but written with a pointed brush and restrained tension that separate it from its traditional roots.” To me, it’s a clean, elegant script that will fit for a variety of uses.


5. Vincent


I love this one because like Langdon, it’s a bold, solid headline font, except it’s squared off not curved. Those squared off features provide a nice alternative with a similar look to all the curved headline fonts, like Langdon, without feeling blockish.

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