Learn, Practice, Plan, Implement


When I started this class a few weeks ago, I had every intention of working on the main website that I operate, but as Kori began explaining all the cool stuff we’d learn with CSS and HTML, I immediately changed my game plan to work on a new website that I had just started. So I put my main website on hold and dedicated each class lesson to my new website project.

But here’s what happened…I learned a TON of new things – everything from WordPress tricks and tips, SEO, CSS, HTML, and even social media marketing. These are all things that my main website can stand to benefit from.

Now What?

Now the class is nearly over and I have an awesome new website done right (still needs a few CSS and SEO tweaks) but I won’t be ready to launch it at the end of this course because the products that the site is built around are still in development. Yep, that’s right. WP Code Academy helped me create a website faster than I could finish the products to sell on it!

On the other hand, that still leaves me with my main website, the one I almost focused on as my class project in the beginning. It’s been live since April and could use some love. When I started the class I knew I needed to do more to it to get more traffic, conversions, and provide a better user experience but I honestly just didn’t know how to do it or what exactly I needed to do.

Well, that’s definitely not the case anymore! After being in this class for a few weeks now, I’ve managed to take about a dozen pages of notes. All of which, are helpful tips, tricks, plugins, solutions, you name it that can help me overcome ALL of the obstacles I’ve been facing with my website.

So Much On My To-Do List Now

Needless to say, this class has increased my work load for my businesses, but definitely in a good way! I’d rather spend hours implementing proven solutions and methods I’ve learned in class, than spend hours doing trial and error and hoping for the best.

Naturally, every time I go home after class, I want to continue working on whatever it was we discussed that night, but to be honest I want to just soak it all in, complete the entire course first, then dive in and make the necessary changes to my website.

Normally, I wouldn’t do it this way just in case I ran into an issue and needed to bring it up to Kori in the next class so she could help, but I’m not worried about that because I know Kori and the rest of the WebTegrity team will always be willing to help even after the course has ended whether through email, phone, or the WordPress Meetup group.

Now I Have A Plan

In knowing that, I have been putting a lot of thought into which direction I want to go with my site and am creating a master plan to do a complete revamp. I’m very excited about this and I know it will be a challenge but taking this course has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to maintain my online presence correctly, efficiently, and most important, effectively.

Posted by Corrissa Neal

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