Teaching WordPress in a Classroom Setting


Take 12 adults and ask them to come to a 6 week course – 2 days per week in the evening after working their full time jobs, after going to school, after wrangling their kids and see who shows up. Once they do show up – see how long you can keep them awake and interested in learning when you have to turn the lights off so that you can see the overhead projector. #DeathByPowerPoint

All of the fears I had of teaching WordPress in a classroom setting have completely vanished because of these incredible students. They have dubbed themselves the WP Test Monkeys – but I’d rather call them the “Chosen Dozen!”

Each one of these amazing adults are dreamers, entrepreneurs, do it yourselfers, and motivators! They are passionate about learning and completely dedicated to conquering WordPress and the pains that can come with it.

Some of these students have minimal experience with HTML or web design – they just thought this would be cool to learn. Others come to our course with extensive coding knowledge but only basic interaction with WordPress and its functionality. They all have different website projects in mind – some are just fake websites and others have projects that will launch their own business forward.

So we set out to teach them the absolute basics – and beyond. We’ve blended this course to include SEO, Blogging Strategies, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Conversion, Navigation, UX/UI, Google Analytics, and of course – WordPress Setup & Customization. They’re learning all of this in just 12 classes (6 weeks).

The amazing thing is – THEY’RE DOING IT! Every class I can see light bulbs turning on in their eyes as the tasks assigned to them are completed. They are taking time to learn on their own outside of class. They are using the homework assignments to dig deeper and find new approaches to their websites.

This class I suppose is a test group – but I think they’ll always be one of my absolute favorite groups because their feedback, their honesty, their encouragement, their commitment is what will propel me forward to keep doing this for years to come. I hope this group of WP Test Monkeys will know that they were always my “Chosen Dozen!”

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