Things I Learned About Social Media


Last week my Word Press class in San Antonio covered my favorite topic “Social Media”. Social Media, has so many different components to make it successful. One of the things to make it successful is
writing and posting of images. Our teacher, Scott, showed us many examples of how major corporations posted out horrible tweets that went viral and made it a headache for their public relations departments to fix. I am amazed how easy it is to make such a mistake and how things can go awry so fast and instantaneously. Marketing now is so fast and “out there” it is nearly impossible to retract any information you send. It is also hard to be able to recover once something has been posted without through thought and implementation. I get nervous thinking of the crazy things that could happen as I begin to start blogging and posting for Social Media on my website, Bilingual Station. Social Media can make or break a company, easily and in minutes! Here are some things I learned:
1. Think about what is the best social media for your target audience.
All different social media attracts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest attract different groups of people. It is important to know your target audience and the different venues so that you can hit your target market successfully.

2. Don’t buy “Likes” on Facebook!
This is one I have been guilty of. Not that I have over indulged in buying “LIKES” but I have gotten zapped by this marketing technique and now feel like a total victim! Who knew that there were “LIKE Factories” across the world who are only looking to take your money and give you fake “LIKES”. Ugh, the nerve!

3. If you make a mistake in posting, own up to it!
If you make a mistake, apologize and own it. It is better to acknowledge it and move on than to deny it and sweep it under the rug! Your un-admitted mistake will only get uglier and stinkier!

Posted by Cynthia Lopez

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