Women & WordPress – We Can Make a Difference


All the ladies in the house… let me hear ya’ll say, “I am woman!!! Hear me ROARRRRR!!!!!!”

Learning from history

First, I would like to take a moment to share with you the names of only a few of the phenomenal women who, against all odds, became pioneers of the technology world. These women are heroes:

  • Ada Lovelace – the first computer programmer
  • The ENIAC Programmers – a team of 6 women who, during Word War II, helped the US government secretly program the first all-electronic programmable computer
  • Radia Perlman– the Mother of the Internet
  • Grace Hopper –developed COBOL and other computer languages, which are still in use today.

These women helped to pave the way for future female generations, who desire nothing more than to succeed in the tech world. So why are there so few of us? I would like to share my insight, thoughts, advice and goals for us women as we push forward into the wonderful world of WordPress!

Getting started

When I first began looking to learn WordPress, I sought the advice and guidance of one of my role models, and best friend… who also happens to be a kick arse, female entrepreneur and WordPress web designer. I, like many women, have this wonderful ability to doubt and second guess myself…. All the time!!! One of the best pieces of advice that I received was to stop talking about my ideas, and to go do them! First thing was first…. I committed myself to learning the WordPress web design basics AND also to never stop learning.

Change is good

The technology world is constantly changing. I mean, it seems like every time I log into the Dashboard of my WordPress site, there is a “new update” for a plugin or theme. As women in the WordPress community, we can be perfectionists…. Especially when it comes to our own work. It is important to remember that change is good, and we must allow ourselves to adjust and change with it.

Share what you know

Also, just because you are not the crème de la crème of WordPress web design (yet), doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to share with the rest of the WordPress community. Don’t downplay your skills, because girl…. You’ve got skills!!! It is so important, especially as women, to make ourselves visible to others aspiring to learn WordPress. This doesn’t mean that you have to stand in front of a large class and give a long drawn out speech on what you know about WordPress.
You can:

  • Start a blog of any new information you learn or struggled with, and found the answer to
  • Write a book about your leap from worker bee, to WordPress freelancer
  • Or write a “how to” book to teach others about WordPress
  • Join a local WordPress meet-up group.
  • Answer questions on the support forums for WordPress.

“It is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.” – Grace Hopper

There are so many inspiring women in the WordPress community who have stepped into the modern day shoes of our predecessors, like the women mentioned at the beginning of the article. But just to get you inspired, here are just a few of the women carving out their own place in history with their developments and contributions to the world of WordPress.

  • Ipstenu (Mika) – WordPress support forum contributor
  • Helen Hou-Sandi – WordPress lead developer
  • Sara Cannon – Make/UI blog
  • Rachel Baker – creator of a Bootstrap theme (not an easy task)

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the women who are inspiring other women, like myself, to start trudging the road for themselves. Being a woman in the technology industry has never been the easiest career choice, but once more of us choose this route and make our struggles and successes public for others to learn from we can truly revolutionize the WordPress community.

C’mon ladies… let’s change the world together!

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