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Mary Elizabeth CantuOne of our greatest joys here at WebTegrity is being able to create websites for amazing businesses and organizations who are doing incredible things for our community here in San Antonio and around the world. Spare Parts is one of those incredible organizations that just happens to be local. They are a small team of dynamic individuals who are passionate about recycling and repurposing materials, and are lead by the fearless Mary Elizabeth Cantu who is dedicated to: “Cultural & environmental sustainability; affordability & accessibility to the arts; & community, education & creativity, green-style. Its main objective is to connect with various agencies & businesses to provide a steady supply of materials, which would otherwise be thrown away, for the artistic community & educators to increase the creative & cultural energy of San Antonio.”

Spare Parts offers educational opportunities all around the South Texas area and if you’ve ever wandered what a “Mini Museum” might look like- you’ll want to be sure to attend their events that you can find listed on their website.
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Spare Parts Founder Mary Elizabeth Cantu met Kori Ashton at an entrepreneurial workshop last year at Cafe Commerce and was immediately inspired by her passion, her singing voice and her business, WebTegrity. Cantu approached Ashton after her presentation and wanted to learn more about WebTegrity. And the rest is history. Ashton offered to revamp our website to give it an updated look complete with responsive design. We are so grateful for their donation of time, talent and expertise. Thanks to Kori and the entire WebTegrity team, our website visually successfully communicates the spare parts mission. As a result, we’ve seen more web traffic and an overall increase in community involvement. Thank you, WebTegrity!

— Mary Elizabeth Cantu

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