👍 Best Practices When Buying Domain Names 😍


What are the best practices when buying domain names? Do we need to be focused on keywords? Should we privately register it? (that answer is typically yes, unless you own a storefront and can use that address). Kori Ashton shares in this quick Monday Marketing Minute video.

Hey y’all, I am Kori Ashton, and it is another Monday Marketing Minute here at WebTegrity. Today we’re gonna be looking at domain names, and what are the best practices, in my opinion.

If you are anything like me, you could probably put a child through college with how much money I have spent trying to purchase a domain name. And GoDaddy has always been my go-to spot to come to see if a domain name is actually available, right.

Type it in, it’ll do a quick search, and tell you if it’s available. But what’s crazy about it is, all these other extensions are here. So when you’re trying to buy one, what do I suggest is best? Don’t necessarily focus on having to have keywords in that domain name. That is old-school SEO, and it won’t really rocket-launch you to the top.

Don’t get too crazy fancy and try to use some weird extension, because still, dot com rules, at least in the United States.

Millennials might change that, though.

And then moving forward, what you want to do is just be sure it’s not tricky, don’t try to use a number for a word, don’t try to use a bunch of dashes. And certainly, if you have a longer name, let’s say, like, Two Bros’ Barbecue and Bakery, or something crazy like that, what you don’t want to do is just truncate that down to just the initials. That’s too confusing, people won’t understand that. So try to get creative but not too out-of-the-box. I’m sure all of you have your own opinions.

If you want to, comment in the thread below, be a part of the conversation. And I will see y’all next Monday Marketing Minute. Bye everyone.