Are You Missing Conversions on Your Website?


Join Kori Ashton for a Monday Marketing Minute -Are you missing conversion opportunities on your website? Do your customers understand what you’re wanting them to do on the website? Help your customers/visitors do what you need them to do by correcting your CTA. Here’s a quick tip.

Full Transcript:

Hey, y’all, my name is Kori Ashton, and you have found another video on a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress, and specifically, on Mondays, we’re looking at the Monday Marketing Minute, and today’s tip is to help you improve your conversion on your website, because I guarantee you, there’s a missed opportunity going on and I’m gonna show you exactly what it is. Let’s take a look.

So Google says you have to load in fewer than three seconds, right? Well, I’m gonna also tell you that I believe people should be able to tell what it is that you’re asking them to do in less than three seconds.

So if you’re landing on a website, and your call to action, your CTA, is nowhere to be found or has super, super tiny font size, and people can’t tell if you’re asking them to buy now, book now, contact us, sign up today, whatever that call to action is, you’re missing an opportunity to convince them to do it, to ring your register.

So be sure that your call to action button is in a contrasting color that really pops and stands off the page. Be sure that you’re telling them exactly what it is that you do very, very clearly and concisely, and you wanna test this with people who have never been on your website before. Ask them to view your website on a cellphone, view your website on a desktop, and have them tell you what it is that you’re asking them to do or what it is that you do, what service you provide. It’s very interesting to get that type of feedback because your call to action might be super small, or it might be on an internal page, and you’re missing opportunities all day long.

So get back to your website right now, go take a look, ask a few people around your office today, people that don’t work on the project consistently. Have them take a look for you, and give you some feedback.

If you’d like me to take a look, put your URL or your domain name in the thread below, and I’ll go take a look and let you know if I know what the heck it is you do. I hope you’re having a good one. See you next week, y’all. Bye-bye.