Are You Missing Sales on Social Networks? – Social Listening


Another Monday Marketing Minute with Kori Ashton from – Are you missing sales on Social Networks? See how to set notifications so that you’re always able to respond quickly and easily to potential customers and loyal fans.  If you don’t do social listening, you might be missing an opportunity to communicate directly with a customer.

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Full Transcript:

Hey ya’ll, I’m Kori Ashton, and it is another Monday Marketing Minute. Today’s tip is about social listening. You might be missing an opportunity today to go over to your social networks and communicate directly with a customer, engage with them on a review, or even get a sale right here in the moment.

If you’re not doing social listening, specifically listening to maybe let’s say Facebook, and getting notifications right away, you could be missing opportunities. I’m gonna show you right now how to set those up inside of Facebook.

Facebook Notifications

Alright, you need to be an admin for your Facebook page in order to do this. That needs to be your user role, but you’d come right here to settings. Once you’re viewing your page, come over here to notifications, and just kinda work through each and every one of these, and see what you would like notifications on. You can even get text message notifications so that you’re immediately available if you’re not around a computer to respond back to that person who is engaging with you.

It’s super important that you have your social listening ears on, in order to best utilize your social networks. The exciting thing about this is, all social networks have the ability for you to get notifications. Whether it’s just an icon on your cell phone or an email or text message alert. It’s very important if you’re using these for your business, to be sure to have your social listening ears on.

Hope this helps you with another Monday Marketing Minute. I’ll see you next week, bye ya’ll.