Free Tool to Help You Find Keywords – Google Trends


Do you know exactly what your customers are calling your service or product? Kori Ashton from Ask Kori and WebTegrity will help you understand what your customers are searching for by using Google Trends – a free, easy-to-use tool.

Full Transcript

Hey, yall, welcome to another Monday Marketing Minute. Today I’m gonna be talking about what is this? Everybody knows this is a USB key or a memory stick, or is this a thumb drive, or a jump drive, or what are these called? What are your customers calling it? I’m gonna show you a tool today to better understand what your customers are calling your products or your services inside the area you’re trying to sell it to.

This is gonna be so revolutionary, because you no longer have to guess or miss opportunities. Check out this resource. So you’re gonna jump over to and just write in whatever you’re looking for, USB key.

I’ll click enter, and now it’s gonna show me how often and kind of over time the incline and decline of searches, but I can also do a comparison now, and do a jump drive, right, see how many people call it a jump drive.

Alright, so let’s do a comparison now. Okay, those are pretty comparable, but what about a memory stick? You think people are calling it that? I don’t know, let’s take a quick look and see. Memory stick. Wow, in fact, absolutely.

You can also look at the different regions and break it down and drill in, go into Texas and see are they looking for that specifically inside San Antonio or what’s more searched in that area.

his is a really cool tool so that you no longer have to guess about what your customers or your visitors are Googling for. What are they calling your products, your services? Come use to find out today. Stick around for WordPress Wednesday. See y’all later.