How Does Your Website Look on Google Search Results?


Kori from Ask Kori will share with you a quick way to view your Google Snippets on the SERPS to know quickly and easily how you can see what needs to be changed on all of your Page titles and Meta descriptions. She mentions the Yoast plugin too.

Full Transcript

Hey y’all, happy Monday Marketing Minute. My name is Kori Ashton, and we’re gonna look at a very easy resource today to help you know if Google is ranking your website. And, it’s a really cool way to get a quick overview of all your snippets, every page, every post, that lives on your website, Google has probably indexed out there, right?

We wanna know from a very quick, easy tool, how is everybody seeing those pages? What do they read like? What are the page titles and the description, and the links, is everything working correctly? I’m gonna show you a resource right now. So here’s what’s really cool, it’s Google itself. That’s why you know that this is the legitimate results that everybody will see. And, it’s in our budget of free.

So, I’m gonna show you how to do it. You’re just gonna type in the word site, S-I-T-E. And you’ll do a colon. And then I want you to put in the domain name that you like to search. Of course, you can also do this on any of your competition. But we’re gonna take a look at And click Enter.

What happens is, it goes and pulls every search result that Google has in its brain, in its memory, in its index, and lists them all out here for you. You get to see the page title, the URL and then the description. Remember again, this is called the Google Snippet, right?

These are the areas that you can overwrite using a plugin like Yoast, to help you easily manipulate these. What you don’t wanna see here is an instant result that says, “Sorry, we can’t search your website “because robots have blocked you.” That’s the first biggest concern that I need you to just immediately go remedy if you see that happening.

The next thing you wanna do, is just kinda look through every single one of these and be sure that they’re legitimate resources, landing pages, pages that you want people to see. If there’s anything in here that you don’t want people to see, like a PDF file, or some sort of login area that people shouldn’t be able to see in this search result, you need to address those things. And you can do that, typically, again, by using a plugin, a free plugin, like Yoast where you can specifically dictate which pages or posts should not be indexed.

I have other videos that’ll help you with that. I’ll put them in the description box below. But you can search through every single one of your pages here, click through the different pagination the bottom, and just kinda see all the different options. And you wanna click on ’em and be certain that they still work, and that all those pages that are listed have great quality content on them. You like the way all of these snippets read.

What you certainly don’t wanna do is see something that just says Home as your page title. Or it has a wonky description here. You need these to be as keyword rich as possible, and as clear as possible, so that as they result in search results, people look at it and they get excited and enticed, and they wanna click and come read what’s on your website.

Alright, so, of course, you can use this as well for snooping on your competition. It’s kinda cool to see what they’re up to. You can read all their snippets and see their page titles, what keywords they’re trying to go after organically. It’s a very cool and free tool. And you know it’s accurate because this is Google itself.

I hope this helps y’all! Be sure to click subscribe, because every week I’m creating more and more content just like this to help you improve your online marketing. Have a great one, y’all! Bye-bye.

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