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Here’s Kori’s Top Go-To Resource for Gutenberg WordPress Tutorials.

Hey y’all, I’m Kori Ashton and it is another Monday Marketing Minute. Today I want to talk to you about the change that came with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is undeniable. At this point, if you’re running anything more recent than 5.0, then you’ve probably encountered Gutenberg, which is the block builder, the drag and drop really cool user interface inside of WordPress.

But if you’re still trying to figure out how to use them and where to go online to find great tutorials, I have a really great resource for you here with Gutenberg Times. I’ll put the link in the description box below so you can check out that website.

There’s so many things in here:

  • There’s tutorials on how to actually use the different blocks.
  • There are video tutorials in here.
  • There’s all sorts of interview tutorials that help us even know more and more about how to use Gutenberg best practices, will it affect your SEO, all of those details.

And if you’re checking this out before January 25, 2019, come check out our live show. This is it here, I will be on this show coming up. If you’re watching this video after that, I’ll put the link below so you can go catch this video, watch it, and see us talk through using Gutenberg for bloggers, e-commerce and small business.

We want to help answer all those questions. So get over there to Gutenberg Times and be sure to check out all the different tutorials. I hope this helps you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress. Stick around for WordPress Wednesday coming up. Bye y’all, check out my other videos too. Bye.

Gutenberg Times

Kori Ashton, Bob Dunn & Kim Scotland – Gutenberg Times Live Q & A- Episode 10