Improve Conversion on Your WordPress Pages or Posts


Another Monday Marketing Minute from Kori Ashton with WebTegrity – Are you missing conversions on your longer pages or posts inside of WordPress? Here’s a quick tip to help you improve conversion.

Hey y’all, I’m Kori Ashton, and this is another Monday Marketing Minute. Today’s simple quick tip can actually increase your conversion on your website and make the user experience even better.

Let me show you what I’m talking about. So a lot of times inside of your website on your page, or on your post, you’re gonna have calls to action that are gonna be clearly visible as soon as they land on that page, right? But any pages that are gonna be longer as folks are scrolling down the page, you wanna engage them about middle of the page with a call to action, and you also wanna remember to do one at the bottom of your website, because what you don’t wanna do is have folks read all the way down the page and get really excited about what they just read, and then have to struggle to go back to the top and figure out how to connect with you, or how to buy now, or how to share this content, or whatever that call to action is.

So be sure if you have that longer page, or that longer post, to sprinkle in a call to action down the page. I know that it’s a very simple tip, but it can actually improve your conversion overall. So go take a look today at your longer pages, your longer posts, go through each one and be absolutely certain that you’ve sprinkled in a very clear button type style call to action so folks know that it’s clickable, they know they can reach out to you.

I hope this helps you. Every Monday I’m releasing videos just like this, so be sure to subscribe to the channel. I’ll see you next week, bye y’all.