Improve Navigation on Your WordPress Website


One quick tip from Kori Ashton on how to improve your navigation and how it could drastically improve the user experience as well as your SEO.

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Full Transcript

Hey, y’all, I’m Kori Ashton and it is another Monday Marketing Minute. Today’s tip is to help you improve user experience and to hopefully boost a little bit of SEO goodness on your website.

Accessing Homepage From Logo

So, I need you to go open up your website right now, even if it’s on your phone, I still need you to go look, and try to click on your logo. Up at the top of your website, you should have a logo there, an icon that is your logo. Click on it and be certain that it takes you back to your home page.

You might have people landing on internal pages, and as soon as they click on that logo, they’re expecting to go back to your home page. And if your webmaster either got lazy, or your developer on your website just forgot, you need to be absolutely certain that it’s there and clickable.

Naming Logos

The other thing that I need you to look at is what is that logo named? You want to be sure that it at least has your business name behind it. So for instance, for ours, we have WebTegrity logo as the actual filename, see, WebTegrity logo. So be certain that you have at least your business name behind it and not just logo.png or whatever that might be. If you can get away with it, be sure that it’s a JPG instead of a PNG. Ours has to have no background because of the way we’re playing here on the website.

So I hope that helps you on this Monday. I hope it starts your week off on the right note, knowing that you’re making improvements every single week. Be sure to subscribe, because Wednesdays I’m making videos, and every Monday I’m making videos just like this to help you improve your marketing online.

Have a great one, y’all, see you next time.