Security Alert for Your WordPress Website


With the big WordPress 5.0 release out – you need to be certain that your website is safe and up to date by addressing the security alerts. Kori Ashton helps you take a quick look at how to do that on another Monday Marketing Minute.

Full Transcript

Hey, y’all, I’m Kori Ashton and it is another Monday Marketing Minute. It is so important that you keep your WordPress website up to date, so I’m gonna challenge you today to go find out if your website is in fact completely up to date, ready to go, and secure. So, I’m gonna walk you through, step-by-step, just really quickly, how to go check that, and then I’m gonna put a link in the description box below for you to go if you really need to take some time, and truly spend time updating your website. I have another longer, in-depth tutorial to help you do that.

Today’s tip is just a reminder to go get this done. So what you’ll wanna do is log in to your dashboard, right? Just go log in with your username and password. Of course, in order to see all of this, you’re probably gonna admin settings, right? Your role should be at least that level. But when you log in, you’re gonna see a number up here at the top, you’ll see these little bubbles, these little alerts happen. This means I have 11 updates to attend to. This definitely means that I could be very vulnerable to hacks or to attempts on my website to get in, to change things, to steal information.

Backup Your Site

Super, super important that you are completely up to date at all times. So how do you do this? Very first step, I even want you to pause this video, if you’re already logged in your website, and be absolutely certain that you have a backup in place, a current version, a snapshot today, taken right now before you start clicking all these buttons. And, better yet, I need you to be certain that you can get to that backup if anything goes wonky, or weird, or breaks right now as you’re doing these updates, okay? Because you’re more than likely doing this inside of your live website, and you certainly don’t want things to break. So stop this right now, go be certain you have a backup in place, if I’m already past what you know how to do, and you’re saying, I’m already freaking out, Kori, you’re scaring me, stop this, watch the video I have below. It will help you go put a backup in place to be absolutely certain that nothing’s gonna break on your website, right?


We had the big 5.0 rollout for the update of WordPress core, and now anybody running on out-of-date versions is gonna be susceptible to a hack or an attempt of a hack, so you certainly don’t want your website to be hacked with all sorts of malware or viruses. So we’re gonna come over and, you’ll see inside of plugins, I have four plugins that need to be up to date.


You’ll see also that I have a lot of themes that I was tinkering around with. Obviously, my current theme that I’m using right now needs to be up to date, and, of course, as we saw in the dashboard view, I am running an older version. Let’s see right here at a glance, I’ll show you, I’m running 4.9.9, and down here in the right-hand corner, it shows that I need to be moving on and getting the most recent version. So be sure today that your WordPress website is up to date. If you need help with that, watch the other video.

I’ll see you next Monday Marketing Minute. Bye, y’all.