Improve Success Messages on Your Form Submissions


Kori Ashton shows you how to improve success messages on your form submissions by doing this simple thing to get more engagement.

Full Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another Monday Marketing Minute, my name is Kori Ashton and today’s tip is very simple, but I bet so many of you have missed this on your website.

I wanna talk to you about thank you pages after the form has been submitted on your website, so let’s say it’s a contact form or a registration form, or you’re just asking people to sign up for your newsletter. Whatever form, once they click submit, what does your message actually say after the fact? I’m gonna show you some examples and improvements right now.

So, an example over here on WebTegrity’s website is we actually say what the individual is going to receive if they fill out this form, so we’re giving them a little bit of heads up that if you fill out form, you’ll get an instant response with free tips for improving your website. So that’s an instant reward that we’re giving them.

An email or phone reply from one of our team members within one business day, so now we’re establishing that expectation that we’re very responsive. And a cost estimate for your project, which is what folks are basically asking for, how much is it gonna cost to rebuild my website, or to build a brand new website, right?

So once they fill this out and click Request a Quote, we want to reward them with those things that we’ve said that they’ll receive, and here’s how you do that. As soon as you have that in place, you send them over to a thank you page, and this is what it says: success, thanks for filling out our form, check your email for further details, we will connect with you within one business day. And then we want to give them those things that we said we would do.

Here’s a link to how to choose a web company, here’s a link on improving your website, or if you’d like to go watch our YouTube videos, there is that option as well. What you don’t wanna do is put a vague, “hey, we’ll get back to you soon” response. What does soon mean? Who is we?

You certainly don’t wanna say something like, “somebody from our team will connect back at some point.” That’s just so weird and nonspecific. Think about all the different forms on your website, and think about how you can change the message to reward everybody who clicks Submit. Go do that today, and improve your user experience all the way around.

I’ll see y’all next Monday Marketing Minute. Be sure to subscribe, y’all, bye-bye.