Starting Your Writing Strategy for Your Blog


Today’s tip is on setting up a writing strategy for your blog with a Content Writing Calendar for your Videos, Blog or Podcast. Kori Ashton shares a quick tip that you can use help to hold yourself accountable to writing consistently.

Full Transcript

Hey, y’all, I’m Kori Ashton, and it is another Monday Marketing Minute.

Today’s tip is just to encourage you how to go ahead and step the foundational steps in place so that every month, you’re not trying to figure out what the heck you’re supposed to be writing about on your blog.

So, let’s look at a content writing calendar. How does something like that look? How do you get that started?

This is first steps. What I’d like you to do is figure out how often you wanna be blogging, if it’s once a week, once a month, whatever that looks like, and I want you to come here and just start doing a brainstorming session, typing out, or if you’re a writer, write out your 52 topics or 12 topics, whatever that looks like, and do a few extra, so that if you get here and you look at that and you go, no, that’s not a good idea anymore, you have some ideas to pull from in the moment that you’re ready to write.

So, here I have some ideas for me for AskKori. Maybe I can give some freelance tips. Maybe I can talk about best practices for SEO. Maybe, what about thinking about seasonal articles? So it’s a new year, new network, how to add another social network to your marketing strategy for the new year. That would be a really cool video to do or a really cool blog article to write.

So, just come up with those and kind of type them in here. You can even do, you know, best practices for developing locally, right? Whatever that looks like, just type them in, get some ideas together.

Then I want you to go one step further once you have your list. Do something like this, where it’s some sort of a spreadsheet, and actually put the date next to it, and think to yourself, you know, I’m gonna hold myself accountable. On this date, this is what I’m gonna be writing about. This is the author or the guest author that’s going to be writing that article. This is when it’s due, or this is when it’s scheduled to go live, whatever you wanna do here. Actually put this in place so that you have something to follow.

Super important to do this consistently inside your marketing strategy so that you can easily and quickly go back, reference this list, and write your content or vlog your content, record your content, whatever that looks like.

I hope this helps you, and stick around, because I’ve got WordPress Wednesday coming up, and of course, every Monday, if you subscribe, you get a free video just like this for the Monday Marketing Minute. Bye, y’all.