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Their Struggle

This client came to us with an older version of their website that was not mobile-friendly. Their entire audience was using the app is of course – mobile users. So this was a need that had to be remedied. The imagery just didn’t reflect the high quality of their app and there really wasn’t a clear call to action for someone to even download the app.

Our Solution

We stepped in with a full rework of the content, the structure, and the look. Really wanting to focus on the call to action of download the app - our goal was to introduce the user to the app and showcase a video that would bring full details to life.

I interviewed several web development companies to build a website from scratch for our company. I was most impressed with Kori’s grasp of the history of web development and her passion for teaching people how to make the internet work for their businesses. Her team was responsive to my ever-changing needs and I like the ability to spend a little bit of time every month with her to fine tune what we built. I’m comfortable recommending WebTegrity to anyone.

Eagle Ford App

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