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What was the problem?

Trey is a Real Estate Lawyer in the San Antonio area and has spent many hours working on his online marketing. He is self-taught on WordPress and SEO. He has in the past years spent his own time and energy building his own websites and optimizing his sites. Knowing, though, that his industry is saturated and highly competitive, he reached out to us for a new website redesign.

Initial Strategy

Trey had outstanding branding already in place. We used that to set the tone for his new direction in colors, style, and fonts. We spent time getting to know his personality and listening to his goals for his practice and how he’d like to be presented in his online marketing.

Custom WordPress Theme

It didn’t take our lead designer long to create a dynamic, more modern-looking website for Trey. The site needed to be mobile first and have a very easy-to-use blog. He had quite a bit of content already from his old site, so we simply imported it and edited for links and optimization. A few weeks later – this outstanding project went live! We love the way this website turned out, and we know that Trey will continue to be proud of his new online footprint.

I interviewed several web development companies to build a website from scratch for our company. I was most impressed with Kori’s grasp of the history of web development and her passion for teaching people how to make the internet work for their businesses. Her team was responsive to my ever-changing needs and I like the ability to spend a little bit of time every month with her to fine tune what we built. I’m comfortable recommending WebTegrity to anyone.

Trey Wilson

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