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UTSA Facilities

UTSA Facilities dept

A Look at Their Old Site

Old version of website

Their Old Home Page

Case Study

We were so honored when UTSA's Facilities team approached us to rebuild their website for them. This is the team that builds, moves, drives, maintains and creates the incredible campus that we San Antonio folks have seen grown to become extraordinary. Rowdy Fans!!

Their Struggle
UTSA's team came to us with an outdated CMS and a very clunky way to access and edit that site. There had been a few different developers work on the project over the years and the whole site pretty much was a hot mess. It was time for an upgraded CMS and a new style.

Our Solution
It was time to create a website that matches the level of professionalism of this department. We created a whole different look and feel for the site opening up the layout and creating graphics to help drive the direction of the traffic. We created a custom area for their project archive and an easy way to maintain alerts for the entire campus to access.

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