And the two shall become one…


And the two shall become one…. HYBRID!

Locally owned Webmaster International and Studio Ten23 have joined together to become one super force for web design in South Texas. Just like the bell bottoms took their turn in the 70’s and jelly shoes killed our toes in the 80’s, we’ve discovered that even web design businesses have their seasons. In order to survive being a passing fad we wanted to work together to always stay up to date and be relevant to our customers.

WebTegrityAnd just like you can’t buy one Krispy Kreme doughnut without buying three more, then some coffee to wash them down, and then some aspirin to help with the sugar rush… We couldn’t just change one thing without carrying that new look into our full online presence. So this new year has brought BIG CHANGE!  These two companies have become – WebTegrity, LLC. .

You might say – “What is WebTegrity?” It is a new word that we’ve coined to help represent more of who we want to be to our clients.  We want to bring Integrity back to the web design industry.  So many of our clients have come to us to fix the mess they were left with after another “web company” left them empty handed or even worse, with a broken down website.

It’s been great business helping those in need, but our concern is that the integrity and commitment is missing in our industry.  With that as our main focus, WebTegrity was created.

Some of the other major areas that we will specialize in are mobile-friendly, smart device accessible websites that loads faster and are 100% FLASH FREE.  We are extending our printing services and have a trained staff of Search Engine Optimization Experts not only to help your Organic placement on Google, but to help better understand analytics and Adwords.  Another great addition is the ability to offer our clients full Content Management Systems via Open Source platforms like WordPress and Joomla. We’ve never been more excited about our future and this team of creative and skilled designers.

Over the past 20 years it’s been a fun road to travel watching times change and our own companies evolve and now merge into one hybrid. Knowing that times will continue to change, we look forward to transitioning even more and allowing our new company to be trendy and smart. And if the bell bottoms make a fashion come back, we can’t say that we would never go there again, but we have learned our lesson with Jelly Shoes and boring, out-dated websites. We will never settle for anything less than the best for our company or yours! Get ready to experience WebTegrity!


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