Celebrating 5 Years!

                            WebTegrity Team 2017                         

In May 2017, WebTegrity celebrated 5 years in business! What a fun party it was too! Surrounded by family, clients, and friends we were thrilled to share the moments that had challenged us and pushed us to be the agency that we are today.  We had just moved into our new office space and we’d added three new team members to grow our team to 15 strong!  are today.

“It’s not easy to grow a team from your couch at home to full blown digital agency, but that’s what we’re doing! And truthfully, I’m just holding on for the ride! This has been a tremendous blessing!” says Kori Ashton, Co-Founder / Owner.

Rusty, Joy & Kori held up the original “Grand Opening” ribbon that was cut just five years early in their first office space down in the medical center of San Antonio (Above a Starbucks). Even though Rusty had launched his company back in 1997 it wasn’t until Kori encouraged him to really build up the company in 2012 that they put together a plan to provide the best websites for clients served with the utmost level of integrity.

“It’s been an honor to serve the San Antonio community and our clients around the world building over 80 websites this past year alone!” – Kori Ashton

WebTegrity Owners

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