San Antonio Mini Code Jam – Spectrum Kids


SA Mini Code Jam
Saturday, May 16, 2015, around 25 kids and their parents joined an incredible group of volunteers at Cafe Commerce downtown San Antonio to learn how to code. These kids and teens were invited to this “Mini Code Jam” to create a low-key environment for those with high functioning autism or Aspergersages. Their ages ranged from 12 to 17 & their curiosity was inspiring to experience.

San Antonio Youth Code Jam has been a once-a-year event held at Rackspace. But this year Debi Pfitzenmaier, SA Youth Code Jam’s founder, along with The Monarch Academy wanted to offer an opportunity for kids who may feel overwhelmed by the large crowd (over 400 coders) at the annual flagship event.

Our team here at WebTegrity were honored to lead the station teaching HTML5 & CSS3 to the new coders. They engaged and began coding quickly with basic instruction. Each of them were given a handout that had step-by-step instructions on how to code a basic website. Before we knew it – they had completed the tasks and were using the newly learned skills to create their own designs and ideas digitally.

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