Technology Helping Women Veterans

                            Homeless Women Veterans                         

It’s not every day that we get to create a website platform that will impact thousands of women veterans. When Lily Casura connected with us to help her create an online resource for homeless women veterans across the United States, we immediately wanted in. She’s spent years researching and reaching out to anyone willing to help. As you read this article you see not only her passion but also the alarming need that this website and her research bring to light. Take a moment to read “The Path Home for Women Veterans” and get involved in your local community.

Given women veterans’ apparent propensity for being “surprised” by homelessness and consequently a lack of advance planning for crisis, it seemed like the need arose to have a single website with a listing of state-by-state housing resources for women veterans to consult. The IWMF was kind enough to fund the development of this website which is unveiled for the first time here at (I checked first with VA to see if anything similar was planned, lest we overlap our efforts, and there was not.)

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