How to write a great blog article

                            how to write a great blog article                         

Do you know how to write a great blog article? Is there an exact equation or are there certain elements that you must included to have an article be considered “Great” by readers and Google? It’s a tricky task to create content that not only ROCKS a reader, but gets Google’s attention and better even still – gets shared on social networks.

This article will help you better understand what it takes to write solid, consistent content for your blog and its readers.

  • Understand your Audience
  • Write to People and Search Engines
  • Meet a Need
  • Be Original
  • Be Consistent
  • Remember a CTA

Understand your Audience

The first step to writing your blog is keeping your readers at the center of all you do. You must understand who your blog’s audience is. So stop right now and answer this question… “What does your average reader look like?” (age, gender, native language, hobbies, etc)

Once you know who you’re writing to – remember to them. Every article is written to / for them.

Write to People and Search Engines

There’s a beautiful balance of writing a blog article full of the right keywords and SEO elements and still being able to capture your readers’ attention. While you want to incorporate all of the key terms that will propel your article to the top of Google’s organic search results, it can’t be so full of key terms that it sounds awkward.

You can’t say stuff like: “This article is how to write a great blog article. So when you want to learn how to write a great blog article use these terms for your great blog articles.”

Right away you’re going to confuse your readers and ultimately give them a bad experience – which is all that Google cares about – Good Content and a Great User Experience.

We suggest using Google Analytics to run some A/B article testing. For instance, I wrote another article along this same topic called, “Tips on how to write good content for your blog.” I will monitor our Google Analytics to see which article performs best in search engine results – does this article get more organic traffic than my other article? If so – then I need to keep following the pattern I used here. But if the other page tends to rank better and have a longer page view time – then I need to consistently write in that manner.

Meet a Need

How do you find that balance between SEO Tips and great content that your readers will love? Meet a need! Provide content for them that gives them help, inspires them, challenges them, changes them, or excites them to trust you, buy from you, follow you, or hire you!

Why write articles that are boring or that you can’t even seem to finish reading? Find inspiration and write an article that is long enough to tell your story but short enough to not bore your reader. Throw in a photo or two to WAKE THEM UP as they read down the page! (Be sure to use alt tags and name your image appropriately for SEO.)
great article writing

Be Original

When you’re writing to meet a need – remember to be original. I know it’s tough to always write original content for your blogs. I know – I struggle too. A few things that I do include: listing to my clients’ needs, reading other blogs / magazines, networking with like-minded writers, and monitoring my Google analytics.

Here’s some ideas for types of articles to write:

  • Write a “How To” article
  • Write a Poem
  • Use an Infographic
  • Create a Challenge List
  • Write a Top Ten List
  • Interview Someone in Your Business or Industry
  • A Part 1 / Part 2 (or mini series)
  • A Resource Article (giving links to other sites / resources online)

My clients’ ask a lot of questions – and that’s a GOOD resource! Subscribe to other blogs that write on the topics you like. They will bring inspiration. Network with other writers and learn from each other. And lastly – monitor those Google Analytics. They will show you what articles are getting the most traffic. Write on topics that are searched for more. Make sense?

Be Consistent

Being consistent is probably one of THE MOST difficult parts of being a blog writer. I know – you get all excited about your new website / blog and have all of these great ideas rush to your mind on topics and fun tips. But six weeks into it – I promise you will start to struggle with setting aside time to write. You’ll put off writing for one week and before you know it your blog will be three months old, then nine months old. By that point, you’ll think – “Why even care then?”

Set realistic goals when you write. Look at your regular daily/ weekly schedule and set aside a realistic goal. Can you blog only once a month – then that’s it! If you can blog consistently once a week – then rock that! If you start up and gain an audience then stop… you’re not only letting your readers down, but search engines will see that drop off and ultimately your website’s rankings could suffer as well.

Remember a CTA

So many of our clients write GREAT articles. They follow the SEO Tips that they’ve learned from us and they add creative fun photos or videos. But in their excitement they forget to add a Call To Action. If someone has spent time reading all the way to the bottom of your article – ask them to do something! Remind them to do something – like Call Today or Buy Now. Cause a sense of urgency or give them the next blog article to click to. Keep them either on your website or engaging in some way. What you don’t want to happen is they get to the end of the article and then… nothing. Don’t leave ’em hanging!

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