Is Social Media really important for my website? Social Media Tips

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Is Social Media really important for my website?

Do you remember the “If you build it, they will come” line from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams? Well that line might have worked for Hollywood, but it DOESN’T work for the world wide web. In fact, you can create an amazing looking website with all of your information placed just perfectly and still only get 20 hits a month. So how can you use social media to increase that website traffic and is it really important for my website? These Social Media tips will help you understand the why’s and how’s to use social media.

Social Media ServicesIf you are doing your best to conquer your local market, you MUST incorporate Social Media into your online marketing strategies. Social media resources are typically free and have the power to cause your services and/or brand to go viral. And while that sounds bad – it’s REALLY good.

Going Viral” is an internet term meaning that something is spreading like wildfire over the internet. Millions of people see this viral piece in a matter of days. It could be a video, a news story, a new product, a photo, or a new resource. Social Media are the platforms that propel this phenomenon.

Let’s talk about Social Media working for businesses.

Gone are the days of someone calling their friends to find a local plumber, florist, a trust-worthy lawyer or doctor. Gone are the days when you’d pick up your yellow pages and find the largest ad to call. These days everything is done online. We search reviews for companies, read their employee bios, rate their services and tell all of our friends about it on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp!, YouTube, Angie’s List, Google Plus and others.

So let’s say that I loved eating at a local pizza joint, or I just bought an amazing product that I just can’t live without and want to tell my Facebook friends. Within seconds from my smart phone, iPad, or computer I can let thousands of people know about my experience. Then if just one of those friends happens to “Like” my post – they blast my comment over to all of their thousands of friends and so forth and so on… You can see how quickly something could go viral.

So why is Social Media really important for my website?

When folks log onto search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) to find a product, review or business – the results appear based on a quite a few different factors. Several of these major factors are addressed with Social Media. Current Customer Reviews, Social Interaction, Fresh Content, and Backlinks are just a few of these factors that can drastically transform your website’s traffic. And the best thing about this is that it’s not just traffic numbers – these will be actually customers looking for your exact service or product.

Social Media is also important for your website because it shows these search engines that you care about being up-to-date and about interacting with people. It shows that you care about extending your website’s content to the possibility of thousands. It shows that you want to know your customers’ feedback and reviews. It also shows that your website is networked on multiple platforms (depending upon how many of these social media tools you use).

So now you’ve heard why it’s important to incorporate social media into your site.
But which platforms would be most beneficial to your business? We’ve done the research for you, and the results are… Which Social Media Networks To Use?

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