85 Tips When Using Social Media for your Business


Are you using social media for your business but not really seeing the benefits of it? Check out these 85 Tips to remember when Using Social Media for your Business that can help not only drive traffic but also drive sales!

1. Use Facebook Cover Photos

Change out your Facebook Cover Photo for seasonal sales or major events. This is one of the easiest ways to add in a Call to Action or to create a sense of urgency for action. You can also get creative with the photo itself causing viewers to immediately connect with your brand or personality.

business facebook covers
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/BestTimelineCover

When you get creative with your online marketing and try to keep your advertising up-to-date and in season, you’ll very quickly see a more engaging response. Imagine going to a facebook page during the summer and seeing a “Winter Sale” ad… Right away you’d think that the company was out of business.

2. Use Hashtags

#GreatIdea Twitter started the hashtag craze. Facebook jumped on board too. So you can use these hashtags as “keywords” to help others find your topics and posts. TIP: Remember that hashtags cannot have spaces between words. You must be a grammar rule breaker and run your words together.

Think of hashtags as Keywords that connect topics. If I were writing a post inside of facebook about my latest blog article “85 Tips When Using Social Media for Your Business” I’d probably include a few hashtags like this: #SocialMediaMarketing #BusinessTips #MarketingTips. The idea would be that if someone was researching new marketing tips or social media marketing ideas – they would search for those hashtags and find me – and hopefully click on my post and visit my website.

Another great example of using hashtags is if you’re having an event or you’re products are sold at a specific location / city. Be sure to include your city as a hashtag. Such as – If I were selling tshirts here in San Antonio for our Spurs Champions I’d post something like: #GoSpursGo #SanAntonio #SpursTshirts #SpursGear You don’t want to go too crazy with a ton of hashtags and of course you can always monitor your analytics to see which ones work best!

3. Think about your CTA

A mistake I’ve seen over and over again when you’re learning how to use social media in your business, you forget to create a sense of urgency. If you don’t have a Call to Action on your posts or an online deal that seems exclusive – you’re not going to have a significant response. Your Call to Action must point traffic to your website and seem as though it’s an immediate deal. CTA’s like:

  • Call Today (210) 885-8408
  • In the next 24 hours get free shipping
  • Email in the next hour for a free…
  • Come by within the next 3 hours and get a 15% discount
  • etc…

4. Go Where Your Customers Are

One of the most difficult decisions when starting to use social media is figuring out which networks to use? Do I tweet? Do I just use facebook? What is Google Plus? How do I pin something on Pinterest?

Our general rule is go where your customers are! Meaning – Do some recon and ask your customers – what social networks do you use? Ask them, would you follow us on Twitter for free or exclusive deals? If they respond yes – start using it. Monitor your analytics and be sure the network that you’re using is helping bring traffic to your site.

Other great option is to check to see if your competition uses certain social networks (don’t forget about Instagram, Linkedin or YouTube). If they are using them – consider using those as well.

5. Put your links Everywhere!

Be sure when you’re using social media to not just say something, but actually put the link on your social networks that the viewers can click on and easily access your blog articles, your products or your special deals. Make it easy for them to buy from you.

Also put your social media links on your website. List them on your business card (the back side of a card is great for that). Put them on your email signature, or in your auto-responders. Let your customers know you’re on their favorite social networks.

BONUS: Be Consistent!

The biggest mistake businesses can do is NOT use Social Media… but another other huge mistake is starting a social media account and never or seldom using it. Google and your customers want to see you being consistent in your social media interaction. Staying up-to-date on your posts is just as important as staying up-to-date with your website’s content.

If being consistent is difficult for you, or you find it to be challenging, try to set a specific day of the week to post to your social networks. Consider using something like Hootsuite to help speed up posting times.

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Social media Uses for Business

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