Google Launches Social Media Tracking Tool


Google is conquering the world!  Their powerful web developer tools has just added another resource in their tool belt.   They’ve created a way that you can now TRACK YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ROI!  Amazing!  Many businesses and professionals use Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other popular free social tools for many reasons, but up until today there’s only been one way to track the return on your investment of time. (Most Social Media Tools are Free.)

“Many social measurement tools focus on social listening by monitoring keywords and buzz. While they’re helpful in many cases, these tools don’t connect the dots to show how investments in different social channels ultimately lead to sales or business objectives,” said Phil Mui, Google Analytics group product manager, explaining how the new tool is designed to go beyond listening.

“Our goal with the new reports is to tie social activities and referrals to measurable, meaningful economic value so businesses can more effectively evaluate which social channels are impacting their bottom line, and which tactics will lead to measurable economic value,” Mui said.

This great new feature is now available under the “Social” tab on your Google Analytics dashboard.  You’ll be able to see and track conversions, customer flow, and social media plugins.

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