How to use Facebook for your business

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Have you ever wondered how to use facebook for your business?

Would you like to learn how to use facebook for your business and how to make it profitable? After all, your time is money and even though most social media networks are free to use – let’s be honest – they take a lot of time! There’s more to using facebook for your business than just setting up a page and telling folks what you do. There’s a strategy behind social media marketing and when you begin to understand it more you’ll realize that there’s not only a strategy but also a need for tracking your results. Facebook has given us a window into this type of analytics. Don’t waste another dime on online marketing if you’re not using social media. It’s the best resource possible to get your website and online presence seen, known and trusted.

So how do you use Facebook for your business?

Every business needs a facebook business page. There’s no getting around that today. Google wants you to have an active social signal. The key there is 1. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PAGE 2. YOU HAVE TO BE ACTIVE! But so many business owners and marketing managers have no clue how to use facebook to make it profitable for their companies. They struggle with what to say, how to get likes, and how to actually track the results. Here are some basic tips that can seriously help improve your facebook presence and ultimately your profit margin.

1. Setting Up your Facebook Business Page

You have to have a personal facebook page in order to create a business page. This is just the way facebook does it. They want to be sure it’s a real person engaging. So create your free personal account then click this link to create your free facebook business page. Follow their steps to complete it.

2. Add Your Branding

You certainly want folks to realize that they’ve found you. So your profile cover image and your profile pic are very important. Unless your company is a household named business, you’ll need to try to set up a personal connection through facebook. This means that your customers want to talk to a person – not a logo… not a computer screen… not a brand. They want to engage with a real human through social networks and you’ve got to give them that so they will talk to you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

Get a template facebook cover picture here.

3. What to say?

So now that you’ve got your business facebook page set up – what the heck do you say? Facebook is all about engaging. Social Media Marketing for your business is all about real time interaction and promoting your brand, your services. It’s also about providing that trusted interaction with no strings attached. While you do want to increase your sales (and it will happen) the goal of using social media marketing must always be about customer service – meaning “What does my customer need?” Do they need a tip of the day? Do they need a discount to come buy from us? Do they need directions to our event? Do they need to know how to use our products? All of these questions could be great ways to reach out and engage your customers on facebook.

WHAT NOT TO SAY – Be sure NOT TO SAY things like – “Our business has great sales this week.” First of all – that’s great but you haven’t told them what the sale is. You haven’t given them a link to your website to come shop. You haven’t asked them to come shop. You haven’t created that sense of urgency. All you’ve done is given a boring statement. Try something like – Since you Like Us – We Like You! Shop Online in the next 60 minutes to get FREE SHIPPING on any order over $100. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW >> and actually have a hot link there. All you have to do is copy and paste your website’s address there. And be sure that your website is ready for traffic and sales!

If you don’t have an online store – try engaging by saying something like “Give Stephanie a Call in the next 60 Minutes to learn how to save 25% on our #1 Service (actually list your service). (210-885-8408) and actually put your phone number there! Then be sure Stephanie is standing by the phone! Get it? It’s all about causing a sense of urgency – and rewarding their actions!

4. How often do I use facebook for my business?

This is a great question and sadly there is no exact equation. However – this is certainly a platform that can be used more than the intrusive email blasting. It’s faster and can be even more profitable because you’re engaging in a real-time environment that could not only go viral, but could also instantly increase your sales. One way to know the best time and how often to engage is to watch your analytics. Facebook offers page analytics and this is highly important to monitor and follow the trends. Here are two resources for you to understand them more clearly. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet & About Page Insights

5. How do you know facebook works for your business?

Those same resources we just listed are two really incredible ways to monitor how well facebook is working for your business. You can see how many likes, shares, or even views you’re gaining. But the real ROI is getting that sell to happen. Your sales team will need to track how folks are finding you. Be sure the folks answering your phones ask – how did you find us? Another great resource is Google Analytics. This is another free service that will really help you see the actually numbers of how many folks are coming from your facebook business page to your website. If that number is pretty good and your sales are not increasing, then you might want to consider a website redesign. Logic would say that if your website traffic is high and your sales are not, then something is not correct.

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