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Time to Get Creative!

Some companies have easy products that very naturally create an instant excitement or interest – like Apple.  They offer technology that changes lives and impacts millions around the world daily.  They’ve created their own culture where their products all cross-market and sell each other.  BRILLIANT!  So how do we learn from  Apple? Or how do we learn from Target, who reinvented themselves over the years preserving their existence while their competitors dropped off like flies?  How do we tap into their creative marketing juices and gleam from their market research if our product is not naturally exciting?

Well look at Geico… they took a BORING topic like insurance and with a twist in their marketing plan invented a talking gecko that is a staple in this generation. Everyone knows what company that little gecko works for. And it caused America to like insurance.  Am I saying you need a mascot?  Not necessarily.  The point to this is to understand the psychology of selling / buying.  Why do people buy anything?  Need or Want. People need insurance.  In an absolutely flooded industry how does one insurance company stand above the rest?

Every book you read about marketing will ask you – “Who is your target market?”  Those same books will follow that question with other like – “Who is your ideal customer?”  “What services do you provide for them?” “How can you keep loyal customers and create new business?”  After reading pages of questions, most business owners are left exactly where they started – full of unanswered questions and no direction of how to move forward.  Will someone answer the question – what is the best way to market my business? We’ll give you some ideas on how to get creative with your marketing plan.

1. Give more than you sell.

That might sound like an instant bankruptcy settlement, but I’m not talking about just product giveaway.  I’m talking about value.  Give more value to your customer than what they walked in the front door for.  Value could be in better customer service, cleaner facilities, better quality products than the average in your industry, or faster service.  You could start an incentive program for loyal customers,  or create a giveback program.  One of our most favorite things to suggest is get involved in your local community. Offer free training classes for something in your industry. Giving back instantly adds more value to your business.

2. Make it exciting!

Apple accomplishes this by selling a product that offers many functions, works as described, and due to their genius marketing, if you have their product you feel more professional, more advanced than a basic pc user or even cooler than the kid with the generic mp3 player – you have an ipod!  They’ve given value to the customers by giving great quality and a sense of pride.  Target does this as well by making all of their printed sale ads look fun and vibrant, exciting and full of life.  It makes moms that have the cumbersome task of weekly shopping look exciting and they will want to buy from Target because of the value given at great prices, plus they look pretty.

Custom PostcardsWe’ve done this in our business by having to make nerdy, technical website design interesting to our clients.  So while other web design companies send out flyers with pictures of other websites they’ve developed and speaking only to their services – we decided to speak to the problems our clients run into.  Our marketing switched gears and added a funny twist too. See this postcard?  The front side shows a funny photo that will instantly get someone’s attention and then presents the problem and us as the solution.  The back of the card offers a quick bullet list of our services and our contact information.  We left a space where we could hand write a note too so that the mailout now becomes personal.  Kids were used in this marketing strategy because our average client has children or grandchildren around these ages.

3. Create relationships not customers.

Standard marketing tips tell you to engage your customers either by better customer service, polls and feedback forms, or social media. All of these things work really well. However, typical businesses that actually use these tools never really maximize their capabilities. If a customer actually interacts with you using one of these methods even once, they have the potential to become a lifelong loyal customer. There’s got to be more of a relationship built here now. If they give you feedback, you should give them incentives.  If they engage with social media, you should give them a reward. When they purchase from you, create a follow up process that touches them again within 24 hours of that purchase.  Building a relationship takes time, but it is very rewarding for both parties.

Now is the time to get creative in your marketing plan. There’s never been more resources at a business owners’ tips than what is available in today’s technology world. If these concepts make sense to you and you’d like to know more about developing or improving your marketing plan, connect with our team today and we’ll get you started.  There’s new ways to do things for any company that can create new loyal customers, add value to your business, and produce long-term profit.

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