How to use Social Media for Your Business


Many businesses struggle with how to use social media in their marketing. They assume just tweeting special deals or posting a fun photo to their Facebook daily is enough. We have a fun example of a company here in San Antonio who is using social media for their business correctly!

I have been a fan of Bill Miller BBQ for years – actually I think I grew up on their sweet tea. About a month or two ago I started tweeting them just saying thanks for the great service and great sweet tea! I took a selfie with the drive-thru crew – who were always very joyful in the early mornings. Any time I tweeted out – the Bill Miller social media folks were fast to respond and appreciate the love I was showin’ them.
Bill Miller Sweet Tea is only 50 cents

I recently got to travel to San Francisco for WordCamp and quickly found myself missing my morning routine of a breakfast taco and my sweet tea from Bill Miller. So I sent out this tweet.
How to use Twitter for your Business

From that silly picture – Bill Miller responded with a very sweet gesture. They asked me to stop by my favorite Bill Miller location (Store #38) to pick up this Swag Gift Bucket – full of free merch, a personalized card, as well as a gift card for their food. Because of their kindness – I’ve decided to go above and beyond giving them a few reviews across social media, writing this blog article & well…
Bill Miller Gift Bucket

Here’s What Bill Miller Didn’t Know…

What Bill Miller’s social media team probably doesn’t know is that I am a web designer for a living and teach Search Engine Optimization and SOCIAL MEDIA to businesses. What they probably also didn’t know is that I have the ability to send this out to all of my social networks and to use them as a “How to use Social Media CORRECTLY for your business” example in all of our classes that we teach locally and across the US.

Bill Miller Gift Bucket Crew from store 38

Bill Miller Gift Bucket Crew from store 38

That is how you use Social Media for your business! Kudos, Bill Miller!