Which Social Media networks should I use for my business?

                            which social media to use                         

We understand that social media can be a total time drainer. Using social media in your business can quickly become overwhelming. It’s a resource that MUST be kept up with weekly – if not daily. But how do you choose which social media networks to use for your business to best maximize your ROI (return on investment)?

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Let’s first answer these questions –

Would you like to reach new customers daily, build relationships with your current customers, hear what’s being said about your services/company, and quickly spread information about your sales or new products?
social media networks for business
If you answered yes to these – then social media is the perfect & FREE solution. Now we have to decide out of the hundreds of social media networks available, which social media networks should you use for your business?


The #1 social media resource that must be used is Facebook. Even if you only have time to network with this one online tool – use it! Create a facebook page for your business and add your logo to the page. You can list your business hours, add your website and list your services. Then weekly, or better yet daily, log on and mention a current sale, a service tip, or ask a question to gain interaction with your customers. Use facebook with your printed marketing too by asking folks to “like” you on facebook. Before you know it, you can have hundreds – even thousands – of new customers at your fingertips daily.


You’ve probably seen on most TV shows today a quick mention of the hash tag or “What’s Trending.” Twitter makes this possible. You might think that it’s can’t help your business – but the truth is it can. In 140 characters or less you get to blast to the world your latest product, sale, or business service. You get to add your call to action for a free quote, buy now, or call today. Twitter’s value really comes into speed to market. This resource can really help your company go viral.


Google Plus is one of the more recent social media networks created. And since it, of course belongs to Google, they love seeing this link/icon on your website. Similar to facebook and twitter, this platform gives you another avenue to blast to the world that you’re in business. One aspect that Google Plus has that these others do not is the Reviews area. This is VERY important to Google. You’ll want to ask folks to leave reviews for you on your Google Plus account.

Other Social Networks

If you are a B2B type business you’ll probably want to have a Linkedin Account. If you handle events, you’ll certainly want a YouTube account. If you have photos of your products or events you can do a Pintrest, Instagram and even a Flickr account.

Resources in Maintaining your Social Media

Check this out – It’s called HootSuite and it will SERIOUSLY help cut your time spent networking with all of your social media.

Go Get Involved!

So now the challenge is to just USE these resources. Get involved. Get engaged. Start a conversation and let your customers do what they do best – buy, brag, and build your brand!!

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