9 Reasons Why WordPress is Better Than ExpressionEngine


ExpressionEngine is a content management system that was created by EllisLab back in 2002. It was originally a licensed product requiring a renewal fee each year for use. In 2018 they announced that they’re going Open Source, acknowledging that “Open Source has won!” Their market share is very minimal due to this delayed decision.

Open source has been the WordPress model with roots back to 2001 when they entered the market. Because of their visionary commitment to this model WordPress now powers over 33% of all websites in the world.

So why is WordPress conquering the internet and being considered a highly powerful publishing tool? Why is WordPress better than ExpressionEngine? I’ll provide nine reasons to help you see a comparison where it counts.

1. Ease of Use

The simplicity and flexibility of WordPress provides a very low barrier of entry for even those without any experience in code. This user experience allows for users to be comfortable navigating the site, and for admins to edit the content.

2. Larger Pool of Resources

Thousands of plugins (free and premium) and hundreds of themes (with more being added daily) provide some of the best resources to you at a minimal fee. These are out-of-the-box features like calendars, form builders, photo & video galleries, checkout systems, and advanced social feeds. This “plug-n-play” concept allows for budgets to be lower and websites to be more robust instantly.

3. Larger Community

Since WordPress is PHP and Open Source – there are thousands of contributors from all over the world submitting upgrade ideas, security fixes, cutting edge code techniques and powerful tools. The online support forums, Slack Channels, YouTube channels, WordCamps, WordPress.tv, and so many other Meetup Communities all over the world keep all of us well connected. You can always find a WordPress developer to help!

4. Managed Hosting

Many of the major hosting companies in the industry offer Managed Hosting for WordPress. This allows the admins to rest worry-free from update issues, security concerns, or daily backups. This managed environment means that your investment in building on a WordPress solution is “insured” to last, thrive, and provide a secure user experience to your visitors. Companies like WPEngine, LiquidWeb, Pressable, GoDaddy, and many more have created this type of resource for WordPress sites.

5. API

Here’s where WordPress moves from being just a great-looking, easy-to-use small business tool to a robust, dynamic system for major international brands to trust and use. Working with the WordPress API you can interact with websites all over the world by pushing and pulling in content dynamically. “This enables developers to create, read and update WordPress content from client-side JavaScript or from external applications, even those written in languages beyond PHP.” – https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-api/

6. Accessibility

WordPress has always had a heart for community, and when you truly focus on community you want your tool to be accessible to all. They’ve been on the cutting edge of the conversation around making the internet and specifically WordPress accessible to all countries / languages, and all people with all / any disabilities. They’ve led the charge to educate the WordPress community on WCAG compliance. Equal Access For All!

7. Higher Security

Since the community is large, the industry has really stepped up to provide many resources for WordPress security. Most hosting companies that offer Managed Hosting provide additional security blocking poorly supported plugins and themes. They also tend to hear if there are any attempts to target a premium tool in the industry and they roll out the updates providing that extra level of security.

8. Customization

WordPress offers over a thousand free themes that you can use out-of-the-box. But if you’d like to customize it, they offer even more options to make that theme look just like your brand. Some plugins to adjust the look, additional features like child themes, and access to all of the files for full control are just a few ways you can take creative license with the CMS – making each of your websites completely unique.

9. Trust Factor

Enterprise Level Brands from all of the world are using WordPress. Brands like Disney, Major Education Systems, Entertainers all over the world, Toyota, Target, TED, Cultural Brands, and thousands more.

Overall – WordPress is by far a more superior solution that has remained focused on providing a solid, open source solution granting you the freedom to customize, publish, and produce robust solutions for your businesses and clients.

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