Where can I find WordPress Support?

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Are you looking for WordPress support? Are you struggling to find answers even when you’re looking on the WordPress Codex? Even though WordPress is very user friendly, a lot of times you want to know how to manipulate a theme even further, or how to customize your theme in a very specific way and it’s not always easy to find support and answers.

Here’s 10 places online you can go to for WordPress Support

WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex This ultimately is the “go-to” website for all things WordPress. Here you can do a search to find answers quickly; however a lot of times the answers can seem a little advanced especially when you begin to dig into PHP issues.

WordPress Support Forum

But did you know that the Codex offers a WordPress Support Forum? Click here and create a free account. You can ask questions and get free support from the WordPress community.

Meetup Groups

We love Meetup Groups – I’m sure you’re thinking – “No, I don’t want to find a creepy date!” or “Don’t want to network with total strangers.” But the amazing thing about Meetup groups is that you can really connect with circle of people who have the exact same interests at heart! You can find a local WordPress MeetUp group and attend as often as you can. Most of these events should be free to you as well. If you’re in the San Antonio area – Join our Meetup Group (Here’s the link)

WordPress Blogs

Shameless plug here – We really put a lot of effort into blogging every week giving you tips and resources specifically for your WordPress website. We touch on topics like total beginner tips, CSS issues, Security fixes and much more. Subscribe to our Blog or Bookmark this page.

Here’s an example of another great blog with resources for you WPMUDev.org and this one too by WPEngine called TORQUE

If you’re a total beginner try over on WPBeginner.

WordPress Wednesday

WordPress Wednesday is a new resource online giving you WordPress Video Tutorials. This is pretty cool because instead of just reading how to do something, they take time to show you step-by-step how it’s done.


Speaking of Videos! WordPress is such a huge community that you can really find some incredible videos on YouTube for pretty much any topic. Just try this search to see a long list of video tutorials.

Your Theme Author

Depending upon the theme you’re using, the author of it could have some great how-to’s inside of the downloaded zip file that you either got for free or purchased. They might even have a support link to their own private forum area or they might offer you their email address for direct assistance. If none of these are offered – you may want to select a different author / theme.

WordPress.com Support

If you’re using the WordPress hosted version you’ll need to know about this resource. WordPress.com Support offers great forums and a whole think tank area that should help you immensely. The only way to access this is through your dashboard. If you’re hosting the website on a different hosting company like, WPEngine or Godaddy or some other company – you’ll not be able to use this one.

WordPress Dev Solutions

One of our lead WordPress developers has been amazing to start his own developer’s blog as a resource for the WordPress community. He allows you to ask questions and get free support! Topics include CSS, HTML, PHP, JQUERY and more! Check this out – WPDevSolutions.

WP Watercooler

We stumbled across this great WordPress resource called WPWatercooler about three weeks ago and LOVE IT! Weekly you can watch a Google Hangout chat of developers from all around the US chat about different WordPress topics. You want to subscribe to them and follow them on their social networks. Be sure to let them know your questions too!


This resource might sound weird to you – but hear me out. If you’re looking for a community of resources – there’s no easier way to network than Twitter. You can quickly look up a topic or person and see not only who they’re following but connect directly to them by using their @webtegritytweet username. You can search topics with hashtags #WordPress. You’ll find a ton of resources, links and support. You could even simply post a question to the Twitter universe by using that hashtag #WordPressSupport or something like this:

What #WordPress plugin are you using for a photo gallery? Any help is appreciated! #plugins #photogallery #WordPressSupport

Remember you can only use 140 characters – so you’ll need to keep it short and concise, but creative to get their attention.

BONUS: And of course – there’s always us here at WebTegrity to help you!

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