Are Free WordPress Themes Good to Use?

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Is free a good option when looking at WordPress themes?”

So many times you’ve heard “You get what you pay for.” But what about all of the free options out there for WordPress Themes? Is it good to use a Free WordPress Theme? There’s a time for everything. We are WordPress experts, knowledgeable in not only customizing wordpress themes, but also experts in developing from scratch. The difference is that some companies will sell you a wordpress website and lean on a total stranger to code the majority of functionality in the site by using a free wordpress theme, or maybe an inexpensive theme purchased again from a total stranger. At Webtegrity – we don’t do that. We code all in-house and all from scratch (unless we use some proven plugins).

There’s a time for Free

Even though we want you to hire us, truth is, since we have integrity in business – THERE IS A TIME TO USE FREE! Free themes can be quite appropriate for anyone who is just a small start up non-profit, or mom-and-pop type business with little to no budget. Every business MUST have a website, and not everyone can afford $3K+ for a website. When there’s no money to make it professional, at least start somewhere. However – be warned – that this option might not really help your business and if the website is coded poorly it could even possibly damage your business giving customers a bad user experience or possibly never even been found on google.

Why pay for a WordPress theme?

There are some resources online where you can purchase inexpensive themes – $30 bucks and up… Are these better solutions? Some might say yes, but really what they offer typically is more functionality and at times this can hurt you. If you purchase a theme that has lots of different options and you only use a few – the theme will still be loading all of that unused functionality and will inevitably slow down your website’s response and load time. This causes a poor user experience. It can also frustrate you as you log onto the site and try to navigate through all of the options. Sensory Overload!!

Paid WordPress Themes can certainly be better than free wordpress themes though when it comes to updates. Since WordPress is an open source option (meaning it’s free to use) all of the theme authors should be updating their themes as WordPress releases their updates. What this means in plain English for you is – there will be periodic updates required for your website. If WordPress (the platform) releases an update and your theme’s author does not – YOUR WEBSITE COULD BREAK. Paid WordPress themes typically have authors who keep their themes up-to-date because they want to have good reviews and keep selling their themes.

Free WordPress Themes don’t always offer updates. This can seriously effect again your users’ experience as well as your website’s overall capabilities.

Reasons for Buying a WordPress Theme

  • Cheap option
  • Can look impressive
  • Quick turn around time

Reasons to NOT use a Purchased or Free WordPress Theme

  • Cluttered code
  • Limited options
  • Can’t customize colors well enough to match your branding
  • No updates can cause breaks
  • No development support
  • Anyone can use that theme too and look like you
  • May not be mobile friendly

Why invest in a WordPress Developer?

“Free” can sometimes end up being quite expensive – maybe not directly in cash, but there are other ways “free” can be costly. So why should you hire a wordpress developer or web team? The initial expense can be tough to budget for, but really if you’re going to lean on marketing your company online, or advertising to your customers that you have a website – it needs to work well. It needs to reflect the quality of not only your brand but your professionalism. For many of your customers your website may be the first impress they have of your business. You want them to be able to Google your services and find you. You want them to be able to log onto your website and find information and contact you. You want your team to be able to keep the site’s content fresh and up-to-date – one of the best ways to do this is to hire the right web team.

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