See how Google Plus can help your business


Do you tweet? Are you liked on Facebook? Do folks chat, tweet and share your business online? They should be! With all of the different social media tools out there – how do you know which ones to use and which ones can actually help make your company more profitable? Well, add Google Plus to the list!

Google is conquering the world-wide-web one click at a time. They are by far considered the most popular search engine and not too long back they jumped onto the social media band wagon by adding their Google+ program. It has slowly picked up attention and been welcomed into the market. With Facebook and Twitter being more popular – why add Google+?

Simply said – if you like Google – they like you! By adding their icon and link to your business website, you add some sense of “loyalty” to Google and they see that you’re up-to-date on social trends. They can monitor how many times you’ve been “shared” and this will help increase your page rank as well. They also help connect businesses with customers by suggesting you to folks in your local market and spreading the news that you exist. When you add your business to their Google+ Pages you can even be found easier on local search results.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should head over to Google+ and grab your custom button for your website. Need Help? Give us a call and we’ll work with you on your Social Media Marketing today.


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