How much does a website cost?


Every website in the world requires three things:

Updated 2017

  • A domain name (
  • Hosting (think of this like a virtual parking spot for your files)
  • Files to create the web pages

How much does a website cost?

Prices for website design can vary depending upon a few major things:

  • What type of website you need – information based, e-commerce, interactive, etc
  • What type of coding is needed to create this type of site
  • How many different features you need – like events calendar, photo or video gallery, social media interaction, blog, etc
  • How many pages your site will have – like home, about us, services, contact us, bio, etc
  • If you need content writing assistance
  • If you want ongoing maintenance / support

For the most part, these items should help set your project’s price range. There may be a few other variables that will effect your website’s cost – like if you want the site to be mobile friendly, have a forum, or want search engine optimization marketing and social media marketing. These services might be considered after-market, but they still need to be considered for your website’s budget.

The other factor is, of course, the web design company’s hourly price for these services. It’s pretty typical to find web companies charging by the hour for larger projects. You might find a company that has a flat starting fee (Like $999) but then they’ll add to the price point depending upon your answers to the list above. These types of pre-made package deals tend to be EXTREMELY basic and limiting. You’ll want to also be sure that you own the rights to any / all work that is created for your company. Be sure your company owns your domain name and that you are listed as the registered owner. Check the fine print of any contract! You don’t want to be cheated – and there are plenty of rats in our industry. That’s one reason why we are WebTegrity.

Industry standards for hourly rates for web designers in Texas 2015-2017:

Development – this depends on the scripting language: $85 – $225
Design: – this depends on how complex the design is or how picky you are $55 – $125
Search Engine Optimization – this depends on what services are needed: $85 – $145

If your developer is using a template for your site then they shouldn’t be charging you for development (or at least minimum fees). And depending upon how many pages you have – they should only take about 30-40 hours or so for a standard (5-7 page website). If your web design company is building from scratch and you have a lot of features and pages, projects can take 100 to 300 hours and up – again just depending upon your projects specifications.

Our Prices Start…

Our prices start as low as $4,500 for WordPress websites and go up from there. We also offer workshops that you can learn how to build a website on your own for only $495. What about FREE options?

If you have questions about a website’s cost – call us and talk to our team. If you’d like to know “How to Tell Your Boss You Need A New Website” – See this Article.

We will give you an honest quote with honest advice!

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