How to Increase Traffic to WordPress Websites

                            increase traffic to wordpress website                         

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in developing a WordPress website just to have it never appear on Google or gain any traffic that converts browsers to buyers. How do you increase traffic to WordPress websites?

There are several ways to advertise your website to improve traffic:

  • Advertising Offline (ie TV, Billboards, Carwaps, Events, Printed Materials)
  • Using Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Advertisers Online
  • Videos
  • Word of mouth (referrals)
  • Email Marketing
  • Networking
  • and more…

But your website – if built correctly – should naturally drive traffic to itself. When someone searches for your service on Google – Your website needs to be on page one! There are only two ways to be listed on Google – paid and organic. If you can gain enough momentum organically – that’s the way to go! It might cost you time, but you won’t have to spend one penny!

Listed below are some insider tips on increasing your traffic. Most web companies or SEO specialists will not share details like this. We’re doing it because we want our clients to be educated and to be able to recoup their investment quickly. Here are some direct tips on increasing your traffic flow.

WordPress websites are built for traffic

One of the reasons we’ve chosen WordPress as our main content management system is because of the “out-of-the-box” capabilities it comes with regarding search engine optimization (SEO). In just a few simple clicks you can address your permalinks making your web page links more SEO-friendly.

You can install plugins that can help even more with holding you accountable to the content on each page. Yoast is the plugin we suggest for SEO. If you get all green lights on your posts and pages, your website should rocket up the rankings.

Social Media inside of WordPress

Another amazing (and FREE) resource for driving traffic to your WordPress website is using social media. Remember that your status updates and tweets can have links to your website. You can offer tips or how to’s. You could run a special or ask a question and then paste the link to your website there for the viewer to easily click on and get to your product or page.

Google claims that if you’re not using social media – you’re already in a losing battle. Your competitors are using social media – so you must. With over 200 different social media networks out there, how do you know which ones to use? Go where your customers are! Use the networks they’re using.

If you don’t know where to even start on that – contact us to take a private social media class for your business marketing.

Improve the Quality of Traffic to WordPress Websites

Even though any traffic is good traffic, how do you improve the quality of those coming to your website? You don’t just want “window-shoppers.” You want paying customers who are excited about your services or products. How do you get those people to your website?

The more you understand your customers’ needs – the more you can provide for them. That’s Business 101. It’s true online as well. The more your customers’ needs are met on your website – the more they will log onto your website, return to your website, share your website and even bookmark it!

The more up-to-date you keep your content, products or services – the more accessible you are to give them support and personal care – the more their loyalty will built and spread!

Take time to review your website. If you’re a blogger – is there an easy way for people to ask questions or leave comments? If your WordPress website is a business site – are there resources for your customers, or valuable insights that will cause them to see you not only as a leader in your industry but as their go-to person for your niche?

Don’t advertise a meatless website. Give them what they’re looking for – solid, quality content, resources, information and excitement! Create a community for them and they’ll remain true to your brand and invite others to know about your business.

Power in Knowledge

Google has told us for years now that backlinks help increase ranking as well. A backlink is some other website out there online that has mentioned you with a LINK back to your website. The more of these backlinks that you have, the more Google sees that others are talking about you and the more authority they assign to your site.

For years now – that’s been SEO companies’ goals – Build Backlinks! BUT you don’t necessarily have to go that route. You can understand what Google requires of your SEO and organically conquer it. If you do – Google will reward your website with a higher ranking – that simple.

Learn more from Webtegrity by scheduling a private training session.

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