Joomla vs WordPress – Which is best?

                            joomla vs wordpress                         

Joomla vs. WordPress – Which is better?

We’ve had many clients ask us this – “Which is better for my company Joomla vs WordPress?” On your journey to find the best Content Management System for your company’s website you’ll see these two options at the top of the list. But how do you know which CMS is going to be the right choice for your current needs and will this system allow for easy growth?

Web design is our expertise! So we’ve decided to run a test side-by-side comparison of these two major Content Management Systems to help you visually see the difference.

Click to enlarge this infographic that will explain more about the dilemma of Joomla vs WordPress – Which is better for 2014:
infographic joomla vs wordpress

At the end of the day – we LOVE WordPress!  It’s been our choice for a few years now.   90% of our clients find that WP offers every bell / whistle / feature that they need.  Want to see WordPress’ Showcase of AMAZING Websites?  Check this out >>

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