Mirror Your Mac Using AppleTV

                            Air Parrot                         

One of the fun things about owning your own business is getting creative with your conference room. We wanted to go totally wireless and NOT have the ancient projector concept.  So we purchased a large screen TV and then purchased AppleTV from Apple. It’s a little frustrating how small the screen displays though when mirroring your iPad.

mirroring your mac appletvSo, we set out how to mirror your Mac using Apple TV and we discovered Air Parrot!  GENIUS!  This is a very inexpensive app that allows perfect mirroring from your Macbook Pro or iMac to mirror seamlessly on your smart TV using the Apple TV product. After countless hours of googling around trying to find a solution this was a brilliant find and we wanted to share it with you.

If you need to mirror your Mac using Apple TV – Air Parrot is the way to go! Check it out!

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