Mobile Websites vs Responsive Websites

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Mobile Websites vs. Responsive Websites

Everyone is on the go – and moving fast!  So how do you help your customers see your website on mobile devices? We are going to compare mobile websites vs responsive websites.

In the past years we were told to have a completely separate mobile version of our website, but that can be costly and the way technology has changed in the past five years or so – that’s actually out of date now.  What if your website was so intelligently scripted that it knew what type of device was being used to view it?  Your website can be THAT mobile friendly!

Responsive websites are becoming extremely popular, especially amongst WordPress web designers.  We can build your website with a responsive nature in mind so that you only have to maintain ONE WEBSITE.  Check out some of our clients that use Responsive Design currently.  Then – either view it on our iPad, or smart phone, or even simply drag the width of your browser screen shrinking it down and watch how the entire website responds to the different widths or devices.  The entire website restructures shifts and changes so that it can be seen easily and navigated simply on any device.

So are we saying that you should only have a Responsive Website?  Not necessarily.  If you have a DEEP website full of lots of content that is not really necessary for mobile viewers to see, you might want to design a more streamlined version of your website with only minimal content so that the viewer can easily search and find exactly what they need without digging through dozens of pages or posts, images or videos.


So when you face the question of Mobile Websites vs Responsive Websites, let WebTegrity help you brainstorm a plan to see what would be best for your online marketing needs.

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