Reviews: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite 6


Looking for a less expensive way to buy Adobe Products? Enter Creative Cloud!

Anyone in the design industry is familiar with the Adobe Suite and all of the amazing products that Adobe offers.  Most of us find these programs to be at the heartbeat of all of our creativity.  They offer limitless opportunities to create web, digital and print design. Over the years though the price to upgrade and continuously buy licenses has been very costly.  And with all the new technology coming into the market, Adobe has found itself in a place competing with low cost apps.

So, in May this year Adobe released the Adobe Creative Cloud, their response to a lower buy in. And it’s working!  Weeks after the launch our company joined in the fun and signed up for our own Creative Cloud.  You can access over 22 different adobe products like photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator, and much more.

What’s the advantage if you’ve already purchased the Adobe software?  Well a few things will impress you about the Creative Cloud- obviously you’d always have access the the upgraded versions of every program/app.  That’s a huge bonus right out of the gate! And you have the opportunity to be introduced to several programs that you might not currently own.

Another  new thing is the “Cloud” portion of the service – which is not completely a “Dropbox” feature in the sense that there’s no syncing which would be nice. (Maybe they will add it soon.) But with the basic membership you get 20G of space to store your files.

Typically, when buying the Adobe software you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a Suite package.  That’s why the $49.99 per month is incising to say the least.  There is a required one-year contract, but even at the end of the year, you’ve only paid $600 for the suite instead of the thousands that you can easily see on any boxed version.

Overall – we at Webtegrity are pretty happy with the Creative Cloud and excited to see what other great programs are added down the road.  We’ve seen that the latest version of Lightroom, as well as the Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition, will be next in line to be included.

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