Add a Featured Image Column Preview in your WordPress Dashboard


Would you like to add a featured image column to be previewed in your Post or Pages on your WordPress admin panel? Here’s a free plugin you can use and how to activate it.

Video Transcript

Hey, y’all. Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton in San Antonio, Texas, and you have found a YouTube channel solely dedicated to all things WordPress.

Every once in a while, we talk about some cool SEO stuff too, maybe a little bit of social media marketing, but again, all inside of the world of WordPress. So be sure to subscribe. It’s totally for free, and every Wednesday, I’m creating some sort of video just like this that’s gonna help you improve your online marketing.

So today we’re gonna look at how to add a featured image column into your quick view of all of your posts or pages, for that matter. It’s so important that you’re able to quickly see. As for now, you would have to click on every single one of your posts to click in, go into edit, and go see if it, in fact, does have a featured image inside of there. How cool would it be for you to be able to just add that column? Normally, if you wanna manipulate these different columns, you would just come up here to Screen Options and choose what you’d like to see or don’t really care to see. It’s totally up to you. And depending upon what your author has allowed, there might be some different options here. But definitely by default, showing the featured image of a post is not out of the box.

So I’m gonna show you a quick plugin that I think is good. Looks like it’s gonna be, you know, great ratings. As of today, it’s been tested. So be sure if you’re watching this video in the future that you come over here and make sure that they still have really great reviews. They do have the upgraded nerd code if you really wanna get nerdy, but don’t look at that if that’s confusing ’cause you don’t even need it. Here’s how simple it is.


We’re gonna come over here to Plugins and click Add New. We’re gonna go search for Featured Image Column. And this is the one right here that we’re looking at. You’ll have some other options in here, and it really just depends on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish, but this meets my needs. So I’m gonna go ahead and click Install Now and Activate. And so now you’ll see that that’s listed inside of here, and as my active plugins. And one of the things you’ll wanna do is figure out do you. Let’s see, you go into Settings and come here. Do you want it to render it for pages and posts? What would you like to do? Which ones would you like to allow? For now, I’m just gonna do the posts and click Save Changes. So when I come back over here to Posts and I click All Posts, look how beautiful this is. Oh my goodness, and I can see right away that this post right here actually is missing its featured image. Problem solved. I can click in there right away and go in there and get that solution in place. Ah! Isn’t that incredible? What a fun little quick fix.

I hope this helps you. If you have questions about your WordPress environment, your WordPress website, if you’d like to send me a Tweet, send me an email, put a comment in the comment thread below, I’d love to reach out and help you as much as I possibly can. Hope you’re having a great WordPress Wednesday. I’ll see ya on.

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