Automated Customer Emails for WooCommerce on WordPress


Can you imagine having a WordPress system in place that automatically sends out reminders to your customers about their abandoned shopping carts? What about sending out emails with suggested products – without you ever having to press “send.” MailChimp & WooCommerce have joined together to create automated customer emails solution! And, it’s FREE.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton at WebTegrity in San Antonio, and I’m so excited to say that we have just passed two million views on this amazing YouTube channel that is dedicated to all things WordPress. And, we’re just at 25,000 subscribers. So amazing! Thank you so much for subscribing to our channel and being a part of every WordPress Wednesday. I’m creating a video just like this to help you improve your online marketing totally for free. And, as you know, free is always in the budget.

mailchimpSo, let’s find another resource, today, that’s in that same budget of free. I wanna talk to you about MailChimp. If some of you are familiar with MailChimp, it’s an email marketing, kind of, drip campaign tool for you to send out blasts, you can, it’s something comparable to Constant Contact, or Campaign Monitor, bunch of those others that are out there, but y’all know, if you watch my channel, MailChimp’s one of my favorites! I mean, look at this little guy. But, they’ve gone a step above. They have now created an integration for MailChimp for WooCommerce.

Now, you guys, hold onto your hats, ’cause some of these features are gonna be mind-blowing. And again, this is all in the budget of free. Now, you have to have an account with MailChimp, so you’ll end up paying for that account with them. But, this particular plug-in that allows this type of integration, and it’s gonna give you the type of features you’re about to see, all for free.

So, let’s take a look and see what they’re up to, and what they’ve been able to do. This is a great video, by the way, I’ll put the link to this page in the description box below, so you can check that out. But, one of the things they’re talking about is that MailChimp will automatically generate an automated email to send to customers suggested items.

Did you understand what I mean? You don’t have to do it! All you have to do is give permission for MailChimp to send out these emails. It’s going to pull products from your website, put them in an email for you, and blast it out to any subscribers or any customers that have already been on your site. They will also do it for abandoned carts.

This is incredible! If you ever have had an e-commerce store you know that one of the worst things to ever have is an abandoned cart sitting there. How do you get that customer back, they were this close to putting in their credit card. This system will send them a reminder and say, “Hey, you were looking at this sweater, “it’s in your cart, would you like to click now?” It’s a really cool tool, and, again, all totally automated. You don’t have to mess with it. It’ll also allow you to grab some really cool analytics and data from your customers, so that you can understand your audience, even more so than Google Analytics is gonna allow you to do.

So, please, please, take a look at this awesome landing page, and look at all, and I’m just, look at all these features, ’cause I’m just talking about a couple that they’ve got on here. It’s just really phenomenal what MailChimp and WordPress have come together to do and provide for you. Again, all in the budget of free. So, you guys, I’m gonna put the link to this in the description box below. If you’re looking to set up some sort of a drip campaign or the abandoned cart solution, MailChimp might be just it for your WooCommerce store.

I hope you’re havin’ a great one. I’ll see y’all next WordPress Wednesday, bye!

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