Conditional Submit in Gravity Forms for WordPress


Using #GravityForms in #WordPress? Here’s how to show different confirmation messages or send users to different pages depending upon their form choices – this is Conditional Logic for Confirmations in Gravity Forms. Kori Ashton from WebTegrity shows you the simple steps.

Full Audio Transcript

Hey y’all welcome to another WordPress Wednesday my name is Kori Ashton here at WebTegrity in San Antonio, Texas and you have found a YouTube channel that is in love with WordPress so be sure to subscribe because every Wednesday I’m producing some sort of videos just like this totally for free to help you improve your online marketing specifically with WordPress. And I love it when listeners and those who are subscribers send in their questions.

We had a question sent in that I want to address carry over here. It says what Kerry thinks “This is a great video! Can you add conditional logic to the submit button to redirect users to a specific URL based on their forum selections?” and of course they’re talking about Gravity Forms. Okay if you follow my channel you know I have an entire playlist dedicated to this amazing premium plug-in. And I call it premium because, of course, you have to pay to use this one. It’s a one-time fee. Annual fee. it’s an incredible value though for the bang for your buck. All right, can you do this? My quick answer is yes, you can. It’s actually kind of super simple. What if you didn’t know it’s there?

You probably wouldn’t know to do this. Let me show you how it’s done. Here we go on the front side of things. I’ll let you see kind of what this looks like. Here’s a simple form people can fill out their name, their last name, their email and then maybe we want; depending upon what their choices here, what service they select. Once they click Submit maybe we want this to load to a totally different page or send them somewhere else depending upon what sort of option they chose. Here here’s how that’s done. This is my form that I’m working on the conditional submit where I want you to go now once the form is created. I want you to go to settings and go to confirmations. Now, this is once the form is immediately submitted. What you want the message to be and typically it’s just a “thank you for contacting us. We’ll get in touch with you shortly.”, type of default message; but, you can actually change things as well you can say “add new” and you can call this the SEO redirect if you’d like to. If they’re going to choose that service and we want it to change to a page, you can even change just the message here. But we want to go to a page and if you wanted it to redirect that’s completely to a totally separate URL, you can actually send them away from your website too. If you wanted to. But, I’m going to send them to a specific page and I want this to be our SEO service page that I’ve already created. So here’s what we do though, is we only use this confirmation if all of the following match. So what I’m going to do is select the service. Of course from my drop-down these will be the same options that the user sees on the front side and I’m going to click SEO and save this confirmation.

Now when somebody comes to my forum and chooses that service and click Submit this will completely redirect to that SEO page and of course you can set up as many confirmations as you would like down this page to give them plenty of options to redirect or change the conversation or to engage with them in a very dynamic way based upon their choice selections.

Ah! Isn’t that cool, y’all? I hope you enjoy it. And if you really like Gravity Forms and you’re looking to purchase it, I would ask please that you would use my link in the description box below for an affiliate link. Thanks so much. I will see y’all next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, everybody.

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